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Sections VIP (US dollars/annum) Gold (US dollars/annum) Silver (US dollars/annum)
1 Steel 2000 1200 600
2 Raw Materials 2000 1200 600
3 Base Metals 1000 800 600
4 Steel + Raw Materials 3500 2000 1000
5 All 4000 2500 1500

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  Products Format Price/annum Sample
Daily SteelHome Daily PDF US$ 1500
Weekly SteelHome Weekly PDF US$ 3000
Map Chinese Steelmakers Map Map US$ 600
Chinese Iron Ore Mines Map Map US$ 600
Chinese Pellet Mines Map Map US$ 600
Chinese Coal & Coke Producers Map Map US$ 600
Chinese Ferroalloy Producers Map Map US$ 600


Description Format Product Coverage
Price Market price Excel Steel, raw materials, base metals
Ex-works price Excel
Futures Excel
Statistics Output by province/steelmaker Excel Steel, iron ore, coal, billet and other metallurgical products
Imp/Exp by product/province Excel
Port Inventory, social inventory Excel
Capacity Excel
Production cost Excel
Directory Basic profile Excel Steelmakers, exporters, iron ore importers, miners, traders
Facility Excel
Capacity Excel
Product portfolio Excel
Contact Excel
Financial GDP Excel China financial data and derivatives
FAI Excel
Currency exchange rate Excel
Bank discount rate Excel
Reserve requirement rate Excel
Lending rate Excel

Note: please be free to contact us for enquiries


SteelHome, established in 2004, is a leading steel industry consultancy in China. It has attracted over 250,000 registrators from global steel mills, distributing circle, research institutes, raw materials suppliers etc.

Should you have any advertisement needs, please be free to contact us for enquiries.

Buy & Sell Agent Service

Against our years' connection with Chinese steel mills, miners and traders, we provide buy & sell agent service for offshore clients in purchasing steel products from China or selling iron ore, coal, scrap, pig iron and other steelmaking raw materials to the country。

We only charge the commission or service fee。

Customized Reports

Among all Chinese steel industry information suppliers, SteelHome has most research team members who have been working in steel information industry for minimum 10 years. Their experience of working for Chinese steel majors in the past and collections allows us to offer insight into Chinese steel industry.

Should you have any customized needs, please be free to contact us

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